Promote the development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Who We Are


ALAI seeks to be the voice of our members to advocate, promote and defend public policy solutions that address the industry's point of view in diverse areas of the public and private sectors. As such, ALAI also contributes to enriching the Internet ecosystem by building bridges between distinct actors and developing public policy recommendations aligned with our mission and competencies.

We are an international nonprofit association that seeks to promote the development of the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our guiding principles are freedom of expression, education, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic growth and the empowerment of our users.

Key Areas of Work

  • Demonstrate the vast and various critical economic and social contributions of the Internet ecosystem.
  • Preserve the free and open nature of the Internet.
  • Support policies that enable local inventors, entrepreneurs, and individuals to benefit from a variety of technologies without being hampered by onerous regulatory structures that can stifle innovation.
  • Develop and promote policies that increase connectivity throughout the region.
  • Encourage data and privacy policies that enhance and allow for innovation and creativity while providing frameworks that protect users’ rights and individuality.
  • Promote policies that encourage free expression, collaboration, and the development of new ideas and technologies.
  • Maintain and support the multistakeholder Internet governance structure.
  • Promote educational opportunities for our members and interested parties in technical and political areas.


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