In ALAI, we look forward to being an Internet industry´s  authorized voice for Latin America to declare, promote and defend our points of view, developing official stands in a wide variety of public and private areas, as well as contributing to grow the Internet ecosystem by creating bridges between different actors and  developing public politics inside our competency.

We are a Non Profit private civil association that looks forward to develop Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our main values are freedom, education, innovation, entrepreneurship, economical growth and empowerment from its users.


Be a lider organization in the region, offering a valuable collaborative space for regional Internet, innovative opportunities and growth of the area.


To contribute to Latinamerica ´s digital development from the Internet regional industry, promoting an inclusive growth of the economy based in the strenght and support of an open Internet, and in a policy frame that allows and benefits the entrepreneurship, innovation, the opportunity of creating new apps in thechnology as well as the encouragement, practice and respect of human rights.
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